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by Adam Chess


by Adam Chess


Good morning, Linda Thompson Gonzalez candidate for Fla, State House Dist. 100,

I am sorry we could not spend more time together exchanging ideas, but I wanted to follow up on a few you were concerned about. I look forward to your data and information that might lead me to believe as you do. I am always open to hearing the Truth. You have concerns about Jan 6. I do, also. Here is my take on that issue. If you want to view my other feelings about many issues, please visit my website as I try to spell them out. Inflation and our economy are the biggest threat to our republic. It is not Trump. Folks are using Trump as they did Hindenburg prior to National Socialism taking over. Please take Trump out of the equation as he is not on the ballot. Only you and I are. Without sound money, our Nation is doomed. It is my most urgent concern. Dems are pushing the next round of money spending and taxing, calling it an inflation fighter which it is not. An actual infrastructure bill would have the only infrastructure and nothing else.

But I think the true story of Jan. 6 is not being told. The narrative the Dems and the left want to go with does not make sense to me. I am a veteran, and I can tell you if the Trump veterans wanted to perpetrate an actual insurrection, there would have been colossal bloodshed.

In my mind, just as a civilian, it looks to me from what I have investigated that there was property damage and trespassing but little else of lawbreaking. When one compares it to what took place in the summer with the Dems collaboration, it does not present anywhere near the destruction and loss of life that took place all summer around the country.

The fact that the national guard was not in place when 45 asked for the deployment indicates the possibility that the perpetrators were not Trump supporters and that some faction of the Democrat party planned this. If the National Guard troops that Trump requested had been in place before his speech, there would have been no riots. There would have been only peaceful demonstrations. They were there to make the nation aware of what (78 million Americans were feeling) that is; the elections were not on the up and up. In my mind, those protestors had a right to make their voices known and should have been protected to say and demonstrate their grievances regardless of party, Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Browser are, in my mind, responsible for what you and others like to call an insurrection but what I call a riot. In my mind, it is impossible to have an insurrection when no weapons were present, as confirmed by the FBI.
I would hope after reviewing this video, you might reconsider your position on this and many
other issues that confront our country today.

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