Get Involved

Real Politics is about action!

I need your help with winning this election. We all know campaigns need votes and financial support. I also need you. I am pleading with you to get off the couch and work with me to save our republic. If you don’t have funds to donate please donate your time. I can’t do this alone. If you want to stop the destruction of our way of life you need to commit yourself to help us to reverse the evil, destructive policies that the Democrats have recently forced through congress. Support the Blue and do not allow them to be defunded. Support school choice. Support our military. “Come on Man”, Help me help you and our country!

Your support is the mechanism that will move us forward together and save our county from domination by the communist-inclined democratic party.

Join the team today!

  • Join – 2nd Amendment supporters for Dr. Steven Chess
  • Join – Law Enforcement agencies for Dr. Steven Chess
  • Join – Family-owned businesses for Dr. Steven Chess
  • Join – Minority men & women businesses for Dr. Steven Chess
  • Join – Women’s businesses for Dr. Steven Chess
  • Join – Veterans owned businesses support for Dr. Steven Chess

Let’s Talk!

Please feel free to contact me anytime, I’m available to address questions and concerns about moving our county forward and getting back to an America first agenda. I am available to speak to your group, your church, or any organization that would enjoy hearing the uncensored truth. Just contact me and I will be at your service.

Please feel free to download this document and help us be on the ballot.

Please mail this document to 773 Middle River Drive Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304. You can sign for multiple candidates and you do not have to be in district 22 to sign the petition.

Feel free to reach out to me:

Media seeking to contact the team can reach out to steve@chessforcongress.comAttention Press” in the subject line.