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by Adam Chess


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by Adam Chess


Hi to all my freedom-loving Ukrainian brothers and sisters,

Here is my stance on the support of Ukraine,

Ukraine is a sovereign nation that Russia has invaded. Their people are suffering, and we must demand that Russia withdraw its forces and return all captured territory. They need to abide by their borders and stop this land grab.

They are in this situation as they gave up their nuclear weapons at the end of the cold war some time ago with the understanding and assurances from the US and others that if they did so, they would be guaranteed their territorial integrity and all boundaries separating Russia from Ukraine. All nations need to uphold that pledge.

Ukraine is now in an unprovoked war with Russia as it invaded Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting for its freedom, autonomous government, and its citizens. With that in mind, they have asked the free world governments to provide them with the materials to defend their sovereignty and repel the Russian invaders. I believe that the United States Government should sell all war materials with supervision and provide them to Ukraine so it can defend itself against Russian aggression to thwart its territorial ambitions. Amiable terms should be available to all countries needing arms to protect themselves against attack by another country.

All freedom-loving people should be provided all the means to defend themselves against invasion, and Ukraine is no exception. The United States gave its oath to support Ukraine, and I stand by that oath; therefore, we are obligated to help with that effort in every way it can, short of American boots on the ground other than for observation and oversight.

America cannot afford the blood and treasure to be the world’s policeman, but it can indeed be the arsenal of all freedom-loving democratic people.

I stand in total support of Ukraine and its people.

My family sends our love and prayers. I would hope this answers any questions you might have regarding my love for Ukraine and its people.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Steven Chess

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