What makes Steve Chess different from the other candidates

Good morning,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to report back to you both. I did not have your email address. Would you please send me Paul’s (the chef) email address in Boca? I could not find it

I want to thank you for your support and guidance. I thank you both for taking the time to meet with me and Ingrid. I want you to be aware I was listening to you both, but I truly do not think you were aware of what actions I had taken since I was given the directive to run for office more than a year ago. I have been running and actively engaged in flipping the seat ever since I declared my candidacy in August of 2021. At our meeting at Panera’s (not my favorite as they pay for advertising on the Joy Reid program) when we met there Paul asked me to list what makes me different. I have done so. Would the two of you cull through the list and pick out what you find most interesting and different that you believe are important items that will differentiate me from others running. I would also like to know what you believe is the best order of events to present myself. Should it be random or chronological by date. I have also included in the attachment some of the print advertising I have been publishing. I welcome your comments on them as well. I look forward to hearing from you both. Thanks once again for giving up your precious time to give me guidance as we work together toward eliminating abortions.

Here are some things that make me different from the incumbent and my republican primary opponents if one will only take the time to vet the candidates. I have no criminal record.

I am everyman! I am you! You can trust me with your vote. My character is impeccable.

  1. I am the only veteran running and can prove it as I (like all servicemen) gave my sacred oath to defend our Constitution when I enlisted in 1970. Most American citizens never gave their oath as we have. That needs to change.
  2. I am the only one that has put their money where their mouth is and is at this time self-funding my campaign investing $40,000 of our own retirement money to make a change.
  3. I am the only one that is born and raised in Broward County Fla. I can provide a birth certificate to prove it and it will not take me 2 years to do it.
  4. I am the only one never divorced that has been married and to the same wonderful past Eastern Airline flight attendant for the past 42 years. Darn shame the unions killed it. I loved Eastern Airlines.
  5. I am the only one that is a Christian/ Jew with a Jewish mother that was President of South Fla. Hadassah and mahjong player.
  6. I am the only one that is a healer by profession as I have had an active Florida physician license since 1973 and my office had the honor of treating 16,000 Broward resident during my 33 years of practice.
  7. I am the only one that has an active Fla. Real Estate brokers license who owns rental property.
  8. I believe I may be the only candidate running that has a concealed carry Fla. license and is well versed in firearms.
  9. I am the only one that is 72 years young with lots of life experience, maturity and a guy that made the right choices that allows me to offer my services to Pay back the blessing I have been given. I am not in this for me. I am only in this for you!
  10. I am the only one running that does not have an occupation I am promoting as are so many others running do and I do not need a job. I expect nothing so I will never be disappointed. I will be your servant. That is my calling.
  11. I believe I am the only one running that I have seen at the pro-life gatherings supporting that cause.
  12. I believe I have an unblemished record of telling the truth and standing up for the poor& abused be it animal or human
  13. I am the only one in the race that is a hunter, fisherman, conservationist, and farmer
  14. I believe that I am the only one that is in Rotary “service before self ,Navy league member and was a, cub scout & DeMolay in my youth
  15. I am the only one running that has never run for any public office before now. 16. I am the only one running that has never lost an election
  16. I am the only one that belongs to the tail hook club. (Landed on a U.S. flat top) by the navy League of Ft. Lauderdale for my service to the navy seaman and officers.
  17. I am the only one that was accepted as a student at Adelphi University at age 16 to then graduate at 19 yrs. of age with a B.A. paying my own way as I went.
  18. I am the only one that physically built his own home here in Ft. Lauderdale.
  19. I am the only one that was a commercial clam digger ,Laborer, dishwasher, shoe salesman, punch press operator, grocery store stock man, Ft. Lauderdale news deliver boy, tradesman helper, dish washer, waiter, ditch digger, septic tank, drain field replacement and lots of other jobs as well that allow me to empathize with the working man/woman struggles.
  20. I am the only one that attended Sheridan vocation school for air conditioning heating and welding after retirement.
  21. I believe I am the only one that is a Member of Ducks unlimited , lifetime member and supporter of the NRA.
  22. I am the only one that is an ultra-light pilot and instructor at 60 years of age
  23. I am the only one that was a college professor at age
  24. I am the only one that has a family in Broward County public service & social services since 1948 26. I am the only one that has taken patients to A.A. and sat through the meetings many times even though I have never had an addition.
  25. I am the only one promoting a flat tax
  26. I am the only one promoting Biometric voter I.D.
  27. I am the only one promoting separate categories for Women and Transgender athletes. Each group should compete against other members of that group. 30. I am the only one that signed a pledge to support term limits for congress and posted it on his website.
    That is some of what I bring to the table to serve my fellow Americans in Congress if you will honor me with your vote. I need your vote and financial support. Please donate.