About Steven Chess

Steve Chess’s journey is a testament to resilience, dedication, and a deep-rooted love for his country, values that he promises to bring to his role if elected. Born in Miami 71 years ago, Steve’s Floridian roots have given him a profound appreciation for the progress the United States has made in striving towards its constitutional ideals. From his early objections to segregation in Florida’s schools to overcoming personal and financial hurdles to pursue higher education, Steve’s life story is marked by a relentless pursuit of justice and excellence.

His academic and professional journey is nothing short of inspiring. His parents, like many Americans found themselves with financial hardship. Putting it blunt, they went broke during his childhood. Despite facing financial challenges, Steve worked multiple jobs to fund his tuition, entering college at 16 years old and graduating from Adelphi University at 19 with a degree in Biology. His dedication didn’t stop there; a personal health challenge introduced him to chiropractic medicine, setting him on the path to his life’s work. This journey was punctuated by a call to serve in the Vietnam War, from which he was honorably discharged due to prior spinal issues. Steve’s resilience saw him return to education, supported by a loan from his beloved Uncle Cliff, a figure of immense influence and support in his life.

Steve’s commitment to service extended beyond his military and academic endeavors. He contributed significantly to his community in Ft. Lauderdale, building and running a successful business for 34 years and administering to over 16,000 patients in his chiropractic practice before retiring. His story is also one of family and community; from his parents, early settlers in Hollywood, FL, who were deeply involved in charitable and community work, to his own support for numerous charities and organizations, Steve’s life reflects a commitment to giving back.

Married to Karen, a homemaker with a history as a flight attendant, and father to two sons who continue the legacy of service and professional excellence, Steve’s personal life mirrors the values he stands for: resilience, family, and community service. His support for causes like Wounded Warriors, NRA, and Magen David Adom, among others, highlights his dedication to supporting those who serve and protect, as well as his commitment to the principles of freedom and care for the community.

Voting for Steve Chess means supporting a candidate whose life story embodies the American spirit of perseverance, service, and dedication to the greater good. His history provides a clear window into the kind of leadership, financial acumen and commitment voters can expect from him, making Steve Chess not just a candidate, but a true embodiment of American values and resilience.