2nd Amendment

If you stand for the preservation of the Second Amendment and the fundamental right to bear arms, your vote carries immense power. Steven Chess is a staunch advocate for upholding this critical aspect of our American heritage. Understanding the balance between ensuring public safety and maintaining our constitutional rights, Steven is committed to policies that respect law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense and to resist tyranny.

A vote for Steven Chess is a vote for safeguarding the freedoms our Founding Fathers envisioned, ensuring that the right to bear arms remains inviolate. Support Steven Chess for a future where our liberties are protected and the spirit of the Second Amendment continues to thrive. Stand with Steven, stand for freedom.

2nd Amendment

Our Position on Preserving Your Rights

When we, the people, elect Steven Chess, we are choosing a representative who is deeply committed to protecting the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Steven understands that this amendment is not just about the right to bear arms; it’s about safeguarding the bedrock of our freedom and ensuring that the balance of power remains with the people, as our Founding Fathers intended.

Under Steven Chess’s leadership, there will be a steadfast commitment to enact and uphold policies that honor the intent of the Second Amendment. This includes resisting any legislation that seeks to unduly infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms. Steven recognizes that responsible gun ownership is a cornerstone of American liberty, and he is dedicated to promoting measures that support this principle.

Moreover, Steven Chess is poised to champion educational initiatives that emphasize the importance of the Second Amendment in the fabric of our nation’s history and its crucial role in protecting our other freedoms. By informing citizens about their rights and the responsibilities that accompany gun ownership, we can foster a culture that respects both individual liberty and community safety.

Steven also understands the importance of addressing the root causes of gun violence without compromising the constitutional rights of Americans. This balanced approach ensures that we do not erode the freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment while working towards a safer society for everyone.

Electing Steven Chess is a vote for a future where the Second Amendment is preserved and respected. It is a declaration that we, the people, value our right to self-defense, our heritage, and our liberty. With Steven Chess, we can trust that our rights will be defended with vigor and that our voices, in support of the Second Amendment, will be heard loud and clear in the halls of power. Let’s stand together with Steven Chess to protect our rights and ensure that the beacon of freedom continues to shine for generations to come.

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Qualified to lead District 23.

Steven Chess is uniquely qualified to lead District 23, bringing a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of the local community, and a proven track record of success in business and entrepreneurship. As a lifelong resident of District 23, Steven has an intimate knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within the district. His commitment to the community is evident in his dedication to fostering its growth and prosperity.

  • Lifelong Floridian who Understand Our Needs

  • Accomplished business owner & entrepreneur

  • Understands that your future is at stake