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The Democratic Party, despite its promises of reform and improvement, has frequently fallen short in delivering a quality education system, often introducing more bureaucracy instead of practical solutions. This approach has not only hindered the efficiency and effectiveness of education but also diverted resources away from classrooms and into administrative overheads.

The insistence on one-size-fits-all federal mandates, such as Common Core, has led to a disconnect between the needs of local communities and the policies being enforced. Furthermore, the party’s alignment with powerful teacher unions has sometimes prioritized the interests of adults over the educational needs of students, contributing to stagnation and resistance to meaningful reform.

As a result, despite significant investment, the United States lags behind in key educational outcomes on the global stage. This situation underscores the need for a shift away from bureaucratic control towards more localized, flexible, and student-centered approaches to education.

What, we the people are going to do about it

When elected, Steven Chess is poised to lead transformative education initiatives, placing a strong emphasis on School Choice as a cornerstone of his policy. Steven highlights a critical issue facing our nation’s education system: the detrimental impact of prolonged school closures in several states and the divisive stance of teacher unions. Drawing inspiration from Florida’s successful reopening of schools under Governor Ron DeSantis, Steven points to the adverse effects observed in states like California, New York, and Michigan, where extended closures have disproportionately harmed minority and low-income students.

Steven’s personal educational journey underscores his belief in tailored education approaches. Overcoming his own challenges with reading through dedicated, phonetic learning outside the traditional public school system, Steven embodies the success possible when educational methods are matched to individual student needs. This experience fuels his advocacy for prioritizing fundamental skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic over politically charged curricula.

Asserting that the current federal oversight of education, initiated under President Jimmy Carter in 1979, has led to inefficiencies and misdirection of resources, Steven proposes a bold reversion to state-controlled education. He argues for the defunding of the Federal Department of Education and the redirection of educational funding directly to states, emphasizing that education is a state responsibility as outlined in the Constitution. This shift aims to eliminate federal mandates that have steered local educational content towards controversial and divisive topics.

Moreover, Steven calls for an end to public union dominance in education, advocating for resources to be invested directly in teachers and students rather than being consumed by bureaucratic interests. He champions an educational philosophy that celebrates American values of truth, liberty, and progress, rejecting narratives that sow division and hate.

Electing Steven Chess to Congress means supporting an education system that values equality over equity, recognizes the unique needs of each student, and firmly places control of education with states as originally intended by our nation’s founders. Join Steven in his mission to reshape American education, ensuring it serves as a beacon of opportunity, unity, and excellence for all who live by our laws and Constitution. Vote for Steven Chess for a future where every child has access to an education that empowers them to achieve their fullest potential, grounded in the timeless principles that have made America a land of unparalleled freedom and opportunity.

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Steven Chess is uniquely qualified to lead District 23, bringing a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of the local community, and a proven track record of success in business and entrepreneurship. As a lifelong resident of District 23, Steven has an intimate knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within the district. His commitment to the community is evident in his dedication to fostering its growth and prosperity.

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