Why I am Qualified

My candidacy for the U.S. Congress representing District 23 of Florida is underpinned by a lifetime of service, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to the principles that make America great. My qualifying factors you should want in a candidate to represent you are my age, experience, knowledge, honesty, integrity, maturity, compassion, common sense and generosity. I am a man of conviction open to all ideas who lives the following oath. That is “Do my best to do my duty to God and Country and to obey the law. 

I am your neighbor, your friend, your voice that represents every citizen. My story has been one of hard work and always dreaming of doing better for myself and my family.

Things like insurance costs, inflation, cost of groceries, and much more are always present. For most of my life I watched as leaders in politics handles things but they never seem to get any better. Meanwhile, we the people have to bear the weight of their decisions that affects us all. My choice in running is a way to represent those that see, feel and dream the same way I have. My goal is to leave things in a better place and set examples that we can progress as individuals and as Americans in making all our lives better.

I am not just qualified but uniquely prepared to represent District 23 of Florida in the U.S. Congress. My life’s work and experiences have equipped me with the empathy, knowledge, and leadership skills needed to address the challenges facing everyone. Unlike your average politician who leaves office wealthier than when they went in, I am retired from operating a successful business for over 34 years in Broward and managing my money right and investing properly to provide for my entire family.

I am not doing this job for the money or the power. I am doing this to truly give voice to all of you in the district. I listen to everyone and hate that our politics have turned into a circus of division and mud slinging while nothing gets done.

Voting for me is a vote for principled leadership, dedicated service, and a commitment to the values that define the best of America.

I have extensive involvement in charitable organizations and causes on social issues and I am commitment is to making a positive impact. My support for veterans, education, second amendment rights, and environmental conservation shows a well-rounded approach to policy that seeks to address the varied interests and concerns of everyone.

Lastly, I am you and you are me! Like many, I have personal stories of financial struggle, hard work, and community service that resonates with the everyday experiences of many Americans. 

Let my years of experience, wisdom and steadfast determination guide everyone to a better tomorrow.