The Democratic Party’s historical image as a guardian of Jewish interests has been significantly tarnished by its failure to adequately address and combat antisemitism within its ranks and to effectively represent Jewish concerns, particularly regarding Israel.

This lapse has not only fueled disillusionment but has also challenged the longstanding assumption of guaranteed Jewish support. The party’s insufficient response to rising antisemitic sentiments, coupled with contentious debates over Israel, signals a troubling departure from its commitment to social justice for all communities.

This oversight reflects a broader failure of the Democrats to uphold their principles of inclusivity and equality, specifically concerning the Jewish community, raising questions about the party’s dedication to combating all forms of discrimination unequivocally.

What, we the people are going to do about it

When elected, Steve Chess is committed to championing the causes of Jewish American citizens and steadfastly supporting Israel, reflecting a deep personal connection to these issues born out of his unique family background. Coming from a Jewish parents, Steve’s upbringing was enriched by a blend of traditions and values from both faiths, instilling in him a profound respect for religious diversity and the importance of cultural heritage. This diverse religious heritage not only shapes Steve’s worldview but also strengthens his commitment to advocating for the Jewish community in the United States and reinforcing the enduring bond between the U.S. and Israel.

Steve understands the challenges facing Jewish Americans today, including the rise of antisemitism and the need for continued vigilance in protecting religious freedoms. He recognizes the significance of Israel as a democratic ally in the Middle East and the importance of supporting its security and sovereignty. Steve’s approach to these issues is informed by his personal experiences and the values of tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding that were pivotal in his upbringing.

By leveraging his unique perspective and deep-rooted values, Steve aims to ensure that Jewish American citizens feel supported both domestically in their fight against antisemitism and in their cultural and religious endeavors. He is dedicated to fostering a legislative environment that not only bolsters the U.S.-Israel relationship but also promotes peace and stability in the region, understanding the complex dynamics at play.

Steve’s commitment to these causes is a testament to his belief in the power of unity and cooperation across cultural and religious lines. His election would signify a renewed dedication to the principles of justice and solidarity with Jewish American citizens and Israel, grounded in a personal history that celebrates diversity and champions the cause of every community.

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Steven Chess is uniquely qualified to lead District 23, bringing a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of the local community, and a proven track record of success in business and entrepreneurship. As a lifelong resident of District 23, Steven has an intimate knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within the district. His commitment to the community is evident in his dedication to fostering its growth and prosperity.

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