Cost of Living

From energy, housing, food and more, our cost of living has skyrocketed…


Opponents will default to thinking its racist to discuss immigration…


Protecting & advancing our relationship with our ally Israel


Support & pass legislation that will prevent crime we see in liberal cities

Career Politicians

Advance American interests in reshoring vital jobs back into the USA.

Energy Independence

We produce more energy than any country in the world, why is it an issue…


Endorse a healthcare vision that prioritizes personal freedom & choice

2nd Amendment

Understand & safeguard the freedoms our Founding Fathers envisioned

Foreign Policy

Learn about how we will bring a responsible foreign policy approach


Support an education system that values equality over equity in the U.S.


Your kids & future generations are inheriting a gigantic debt mess…


Advance American interests in reshoring vital jobs back into the USA.

Vote for Steven Chess

Qualified to lead District 23.

Steven Chess is uniquely qualified to lead District 23, bringing a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of the local community, and a proven track record of success in business and entrepreneurship. As a lifelong resident of District 23, Steven has an intimate knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within the district. His commitment to the community is evident in his dedication to fostering its growth and prosperity.

  • Lifelong Floridian who Understand Our Needs

  • Accomplished business owner & entrepreneur

  • Understands that your future is at stake