The Democratic Party has notably failed in addressing the complexities of legal immigration, inadvertently fostering conditions that have led to increased illegal immigration and hurting legal immigrants who went through the legal process of becoming a citizen. This failure is attributed to policies and positions that have leaned towards more open borders, without adequately strengthening the mechanisms that ensure orderly and lawful entry into the United States. Such an approach has not only overshadowed the legal immigration process but has also contributed to a surge in individuals entering the country without proper authorization, complicating the situation for those who seek to immigrate through legal channels.

The absence of a clear, enforceable policy that balances humanitarian concerns with national security and the integrity of the immigration system has resulted in challenges that affect both immigration management and border security. This situation underscores the need for a comprehensive reform that secures the border, respects the rule of law, and provides a fair pathway for legal immigration, ensuring that the values and needs of the nation are adequately reflected in its immigration policies.

What, we the people are going to do about it

When elected, Steven Chess is committed to championing policies that prioritize the security of our borders while advocating for common-sense immigration reforms that protect both the citizens of the United States and immigrants who have followed the legal process to enter and reside in the country. Steven recognizes the importance of a robust and secure border as fundamental to national sovereignty and public safety. He believes that a clear, enforceable immigration policy is essential not only for maintaining law and order but also for upholding the integrity of the immigration system itself.

Steven plans to back measures that strengthen border security through the use of technology, physical barriers where necessary, and increased resources for border patrol agents, ensuring they have the tools and support needed to perform their duties effectively. Concurrently, he advocates for streamlining the legal immigration process, making it more transparent, efficient, and fair to encourage lawful entry and discourage illegal crossings.

By addressing the root causes of illegal immigration and working towards solutions that offer a humane yet lawful pathway for immigrants, Steven aims to restore faith in the American immigration system. He understands that illegal immigration undermines the sacrifices and efforts of those who have legally immigrated, setting a damaging precedent that challenges the nation’s principles of justice and equality.

Steven’s approach underscores a commitment to preserving the rights and welfare of American citizens and legal immigrants alike, fostering an environment where law and order prevail, and the American dream remains accessible to those who seek it through the rightful channels. His election promises a shift towards balanced immigration policies that respect the rule of law, protect the borders, and honor the contributions of immigrants to the fabric of American society.

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