Foreign Policy

Over the past four years, the foreign policy strategies pursued by Democratic leadership have faced significant scrutiny and criticism for their apparent failures and lack of accountability.

Critics argue that these policies have often resulted in diminished U.S. influence on the global stage, problematic engagements with adversaries, and strained relationships with long-standing allies.

From our handling of our troop pullout in Afghanistan to the unaccounted for billions sent that we have no cluse to who and what. We need to make sure a sense of order & accountability guides our foreign policy decision making.

What, we the people are going to do about it

If elected, Steve Chess’s approach to foreign policy will be rooted in the principle of accountability, ensuring that all international engagements and policies directly align with American interests. His vision emphasizes a balanced approach where the U.S. remains a formidable presence on the world stage, actively supporting its allies and projecting strength, but not at the expense of domestic priorities. Steve believes in the importance of fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships with allied nations, recognizing that these partnerships are pivotal to addressing global challenges and enhancing security. However, he also advocates for a rigorous assessment of how foreign policy decisions impact American economic, security, and social interests at home.

Steve’s foreign policy strategy will prioritize the careful allocation of resources, ensuring that international aid and military involvement are judiciously considered and directly contribute to advancing U.S. interests. He stresses the need for transparency and accountability in foreign engagements, with a focus on achieving tangible outcomes that reflect America’s values and goals. This approach entails a commitment to diplomatic solutions and constructive dialogue, while also maintaining the readiness to take decisive action when necessary to protect national interests.

Furthermore, Steve recognizes the critical importance of addressing domestic challenges with the same, if not greater, level of vigor as international ones. He is committed to ensuring that America’s foreign policy pursuits do not detract from addressing pressing domestic issues such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure. By prioritizing accountability and aligning foreign policy with American interests, Steve Chess aims to strike a balance that secures the nation’s standing in the world without compromising its commitment to the welfare and prosperity of its citizens at home.

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