Recently we were witness yet again to hoe the media and their absolute HATE for Trump is intent on distorting the truth and pulling the wool over the.

Watch the video above (even the first 4min only)

Anyone who actually watches the clip in its entirety, will instantly see the “bloodbath” reference was to what China would do to the American manufacturer and economy if allowed to take advantage of NAFTA rules.

But, as mentioned in the video. Due to the Democrats inability to stand on issues that strengthen America, and would rather peddle hate, they concertedly just repeated the sentiment to the masses like you.

They resort the good ole thinking of:

“When you say a lie enough, it becomes the truth.”

Here is the reason the main stream media is not trusted anymore.

These type of verbal rewrites are done every single day, and broadcast out to you to shape your mind.

They look at you like an idiot, to simple to understand these tactics and to know the truth.

This is the Democratic party machinery and their level of tactics that get continually deployed and shape your thoughts, your feelings, and eventually how you vote because they pissed you off enough about that “other racist guy” versus talking about issues that matter and affect your everyday life.

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