In July 2021, $100 symbolized a specific value, but its purchasing power has since diminished dramatically, more than halving over the past 21 years. This decline in value exemplifies the broader issue of inflation, which has eroded the real worth of our money. For instance, a home valued at $500,000 today would have been approximately $250,000 in 2001, adjusted for inflation. This stark reality underscores the consequences of unchecked spending by a Democrat-led Congress, which threatens our standard of living and risks plunging our nation into poverty. Our currency, not backed by tangible assets, relies solely on the collective trust in its value, guaranteed by nothing more than the U.S. Treasury’s credit.

This situation has significantly impacted savers, who have seen their purchasing power halve, demonstrating that even a nominal salary increase merely keeps pace with inflation rather than offering real financial growth. The repercussions of inflation extend far and wide, sparing only those invested in tangible assets.

This is why your vote is crucial. We need leaders committed to maintaining a robust and stable currency. I promise that, if elected, I will stand against deficit spending, except in wartime, to safeguard our economic future. The current administration’s fiscal policies have already shown their impact, with the cost of essentials, including fuel and groceries, soaring. For example, the price of ground beef and steak has doubled, reflecting unchecked inflation.

To curb this trend, it’s imperative to support candidates who prioritize fiscal responsibility. Reject the costly implications of plans like the new green deal, which threatens our financial stability. I, Steven Chess, pledge to be a staunch advocate for sound economic policies. By voting for me in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, you choose a future where your earnings retain their value, and our economy thrives on principles of sustainability and growth. Vote for fiscal prudence. Vote for Steven Chess.

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