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by Chess for Congress


by Chess for Congress


Who is the “Republican”

Obama and Biden’s democratic party got it mostly wrong.

While representing his party, Obama said (I am paraphrasing here), “they get bitter, they cling to guns and religion and have hostility toward people who aren’t like them” Recently, Bit Midler chimed in on folks who live in W. Virginia, calling them “Poor, illiterate and strung out.”

All this hate speech is unacceptable.

If you will allow me to speak for you, this is what I have to say to them all.

Yes, Republicans are very concerned about the future of our beloved America when those in power violate our immigration laws, but we are not bitter.

Yes, we cling to our guns as the last defense against the tyranny of an oppressive government.


Yes, we believe in God and the bible, and most importantly, we want to reestablish law and order and uphold the constitution that is the foundation of our country. That is what sets us apart from other nations to allow ours to be righteous, generous, honorable people and government.

Yes, we believe in a fair playing field where equality, not equity, Is the rule. It matters not how different you are if you are here to uphold our constitution and willing to defend those ideals with your life if need be.

That is our brand, our legacy, and all people of goodwill should stand up and be proud to be called: “ A Republican.” Defend FREEDOM and uphold our Constitution. Save America from all enemies abroad and domestic.

Everyone is welcome in my family & to join. My journey to being your Republican representative in Congress.

Vote Chess! in the Republican Primary on Aug 23.

May God continue to Bless America. Thank you.

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